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The fastest and safest way to let your company and startup grow.
You focus on the product, I'll take care of the technical details.

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Who is a CTO (Chief Technology Officer)?

The CTO is the person responsible for all technical aspects of the software development process. They are the key figure that ensure the success of the project starting from its earliest stages.

They manage developers and choose the technical stack and architecture; guarante project execution, strategic innovation, and mentoring practice.

A CTO works together with project managers and all startup key figures, as well as all developer teams.

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How a CTO can help your Startup

CTO responsibilities in a startup usually include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following

Early project stage

  • Helping the project owner with a strategy
  • Defining the product roadmap (short and long term)
  • Team hiring and training
  • Data analysis
  • Database design
  • Defining application architecture
  • Designing infrastructure architecture
  • Choosing the right programming language and technical stack
  • Building a PoC project
  • Project setup and startup

During development

  • Team management (or your offshore team)
  • Tasks estimation
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Applying agile practices
  • Code quality review
  • Quality assurance and testing processes
  • Choosing a scaling strategy
  • Choosing when and how to refactor the code
  • Minimizing the technical debt

Project release

  • Assuring the quality of the final product
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Short and long term maintenance strategy
  • Planning the quality assurance and testing processes
  • Choosing a scaling strategy
  • Defining the optimization strategy
  • Choosing when and how to refactor the code

When to hire a CTO as a Service

  • When you want to realize your idea, but you don’t know how to
  • When you want to focus on the product, not worry about technical details
  • When you need to manage an offshore team
  • When you need to manage a remote team
  • When you are in the early project stage and don’t want to hire a permanent CTO
  • When you need an external an outside opinion and expertise
  • When your project is in production but you want to evolve it
  • When you feel that your project is nolonger maintainable
  • When you only want to pay for the operative time the CTO needs

Why choose me as your CTO?

I’m the Co-founder and CTO of DevInterface SRL, one of the most innovative Italian web firms, and as of 2020 I’m also the Co-founder of Mint Marketing SRL.

In 15 years of entrepreneurship I've developed experience with every kind of web application: monoliths, microservices, APIs, frontend SPAs and mobile applications.

Every time I must decide the right technology stack to fill project requirements and to ensure a long time application. So, I understand how technical choices can affect product success.

I’m a code enthusiast, I like clean code and design patterns. I develop in Javascript, Ruby, Python, Go, Dart and Java.

How to hire me as CTO as a Service

The first step is to contact me and schedule a Skype meeting. In this first call, we’ll talk about your project and your needs.
We’ll get to know each other and see if we share the same values and project vision.

Then we can move on with an in-person meeting to better talk about the technical aspects of your project.
We can meet anywhere in Italy, Europe or the USA.

Remember, everything can also be done remotely!

Let's Get In Touch!

Ready to start your next project with me? That's great! Give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you also need a development team? You are in the right place. Check out how DevInterface can help you building your project.

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